Spanish Super Cup will be played by four teams

The tournament will be attended by two finalists of the Spanish Cup, as well as the two best teams in the championship.
Spanish Super Cup can change the draw format. According to Cadena Cope, from 2020, not two teams but four teams will play for the Super Bowl.

The new format of the Super Bowl implies that two Spanish Cup finalists will take part in its draw, as well as the two best teams in the Spanish Championship. If the Cup finalists coincide with the best teams of La Liga, then the semifinalists of the National Cup will take part in the games for the Super Cup.

It is reported that fully new rules for the Super Bowl will be presented at a meeting of the Spanish Football Federation on April 29. All matches of the Spanish Super Bowl will be held abroad.
Last season, the fate of the Super Bowl was decided in a single match between Barcelona and Seville, held in Morocco. Before that, the Super Bowl consisted of two matches, and the meetings were always held in Spain.

And in 2019, geography may become even more serious. Consider options for the United States, China and Qatar. It is noted that China and Qatar are willing to pay the Spanish Federation a lot more money for holding the Super Bowl, but the application from the United States is considered as a more profitable option to promote in the North American market.

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