Juventus with six designated transfer goals


Juventus has seen six transferring players this summer, informs Tuttosport.

Bianconer Sporting Director Fabio Paratichi has compiled the list of desirable players.

There are Adrien Rabio, Tangi Nembele, Isco Alarcon, Paul Pogba, Hames Rodriguez and Matias De Licht.

It is noteworthy that five of the players who have been identified by the Italian club are midfielder, which is a clear signal that the “bikonkers” intend to make a major change in this part of the pitch.

At the same time, Juventus is looking to attract a new central defender at all costs. It is said that the Italian has negotiated Ruben Diesch from Benfica. Another goal is Ajax’s De Licht, which is a transfer goal for a number of top teams in Europe at the moment.

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