Manchester United lost to Barcelona with 0: 1



Manchester United lost to Barcelona in the first 1/4-final battle between the two teams in the Champions League.

The spectacle of the iconic Old Trafford was real and tense to the last signal.

Without Nemanja Matic, but also several injured players, Manchester United met with Barcelona at Old Trafford yesterday evening in the first quarterfinals of the Champions League, but failed to get a good result in preparing for Camp Nou. Barcelona scored 1-0 and after this game it is significantly closer to the semi-finals.

The first was Mancester’s turn in the fourth minute when Rashford made a free kick but the ball slid past the goal.But Barca kept things under control, he had much more control of the ball, and only eight minutes later he took it.Leo Messi focused on Luis Suarez on the left side, who shot his head ten meters across the net – 0: 1. At that time, the assistant judge lifted the flag because of the suspected Suarez crime, but after consultation with VAR technology, it turned out that he is wrong and the goal is regular. Luc Shaw put the ball on the way to the goal, so he was assigned an own goal.At the end of the first half hour of the game, Leo Messi received a smoldering smiley face in the middle of the field, and after the blood dropped from the face of the best player Barce, Mektomayaj fell into the penalty box after a match with Pike, but the referee did not succeeded. Rioki did not declare – not a crime for the Messiah, and then for United.

This was Barca’s second goal in the 36th minute when Suarez opened the space for Cutein, who was fifteen yards strong, but De Hea reacts a lot.In the 40th minute, Rashford focused precisely on the right side of the second stand, where Diogo Dalot remained, but instead of sending the ball into the net, he shook his head very badly, as if he were the defender of Barca.



In the second half, Barcelona’s first real opportunity was spotted in the 65th minute when Semedo played a large portion of Suarez in United’s penal field, but he fired closer to the right side but only hit the outside of the net.

The home crowd was not impressed when Leo Messi came in from the right, shooting hard to score after 83 minutes, but his shot from the left glanced off the top of the bar to fall behind the net.After all, Barcelona quietly ended its work without any more serious pressure on the other side.

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