It will be beautiful Saturday

Bayern and Borussia will play for the hundredth time in the 1st Bundesliga. And it will be the match deciding about the German championship.


If you can dream of a perfect match in the Bundesliga, it would be the start of the leader with the second-half, probably the German championship. It would be a meeting of the two most titled Bundesliga clubs. The perfect player in the main role should be played by the Polish player. Such a scenario will be fulfilled on Saturday. A Bayern Munich match against Borussia Dortmund for the first time in many years will not be a hit, just a real battle for the title.

No excuses

The starting situation is clear. If the hosts win, they will overtake BVB in the table for a point and, winning the remaining games, they will secure the seventh German championship in a row. If the guests triumph, they will increase the lead over the second-half to five points and it is hard to imagine that in the other queues they would have to waste it. If there is a draw, Borussia will be in a better situation, but even one draw in the five remaining games will be able to deprive him of the first title from 2012.

– There are no more excuses now. I expect a win, I expect a fight and an offensive game. We did not have many successful games this season, which is why it’s time to play that game, “said Bayern president Uli Hoeness.

In Munich they are looking forward to a match with Borussia, but they are also afraid of this meeting. Because this season the team Niko Kovač can not cope with strong opponents. He could not beat Ajax and Liverpool in the Champions League, he lost in the autumn round with Borussia Dortmund. That is why it will also be an exam for a Croatian trainer if he is suitable for running such a team in such a club.

Statistics for the hosts

For the eighth time since 2010, the FCB – BVB match will be the clash of the leader with the vice-leader. That’s why you can talk about the match at the top. In addition, the reds with black and yellow will compete for the 100th time in the Bundesliga meeting. The statistic definitely speaks for Bayern, who won 45 games and lost 25. In 29 games there was a draw.

Bavarians hope that Borussia will play frightened, shy and without faith in success, just as she presented herself in the last seasons at the Allianz Arena in Munich. The last four matches are four Bavarian wins, with an impressive 17: 3 goal balance. However, the team from Dortmund for seven years was not as close to the German championship as in the current competition. And the players, the coach and the club’s bosses realize that such an opportunity may not be repeated for a long time. So BVB will play for the full pot. This Saturday in Bundesliga will be really beautiful.

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