Campazzo (18 + 12) and Argentina eliminates the ‘giant’ Serbia from the World Cup

Campazzo (18 + 12) and Argentina eliminates the ‘giant’ Serbia from the World Cup

The soul is an immaterial entity that, it is said, weighs only 21 grams. Argentina was enough to finish with Serbia, the team with the best physicist in the World Cup and the big favorite to the title after signing a great first phase. Then he ran into Spain, which left it touched, and the albiceleste finished off with a recital commanded by Campazzo (18 points and 12 assists) and Scola (20 points). Argentina dynamited the World Cup with its already historic competitiveness. His hunger is legendary. With it he compensated the physical deficit he had before the fearsome Serbia. “I feel absolute happiness. We had a great collective party. We must enjoy a triumph of such magnitude. But also continue. Go for more, without complying,” said Campazzo.

On the break, the Balkans overwhelmed the rebound: 8-25 with 12 offenses. The Argentines compensated him with foreign success (16/9) and a fierce defense. In the middle, 54-49. Djordjevic took the demons, his selection came from adjusting 66.2 points on average. Jokic and Bogdanovic were in their numbers, but nothing comfortable. Argentina tightened in defense and embroidered basketball in attack. In command, the ACB legion: Campazzo, Vildoza, Garino … And the incombustible Scola. “A year ago, he told me:” We can play the semifinals. “I asked him if he was sure and he said yes. That’s Scola,” coach Sergio Hern├índez said. At the beginning of the last quarter, he moved on (68-70). It was when Argentina recovered its best version. Campazzo took the reins. He removed the repertoire from the pass and connected with a vindictive Scola. It was at that end of 2002 that an arbitration decision moved the gold albiceleste away and gave it to Yugoslavia. I still had it saved.

Between the base and the center they led a 19-6 that paved the victory (87-76). Bogdanovic approached Serbia, but Campazzo responded and Deck certified the bell with a robbery and a mate. The soul could with the physical. Argentina is in the semifinals. Wait for the United States or France. Serbia will fight to be fifth.

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