Vincent Poirier, in the casting of Barcelona Lassa

At the same time, the offices of the Palau are working on possible new additions. There is Cory Higgins (CSKA) as a future for the perimeter. Another of the poles of attention is that of painting. With Tomic and Pustovyi with a contract in force remains to be seen what happens with Kevín Séraphin that seems complicated to follow. The condition of his right knee – which forced him to undergo surgery last season – and the recent controversy with Pesic, who expelled him from the bench against Andorra, do not add up, precisely, so that he has the option of renewing his high contract.

So things, in Barça are doing market casting. We talked a few days ago of the interest in the Serbian center of Olympiacos Nikola Milutinov that could leave the Athenian club due to the economic problems that surround the entity of Piraeus. But it is not the only name on the list.

Because we must also talk about the French pivot of the Baskonia Vincent Poirier (2.13 and 25 years) one of the pillars of Velimir Perasovic’s team (9.2 points, 6.3 rebounds and 1.2 blocks in the league). Club that arrived in 2017 Paris -Levallois of his native France after signing a contract for three seasons.

It is a proper name that he likes in the Palau -according to the account of @Diego Alvárez- for his profile as an athletic player despite his height. But, as in the case of Milutinov, there are important conditioning factors in order to face the operation of his signing.

On the one hand the fact that both have a contract in force, although the specific situation of each club is different. The second ‘but’ is that other European greats are also interested in a player profile that is increasingly difficult to find in current basketball.

The NBA, on the horizon
And the third possible stumbling block for Barça’s expectations is the same as always: the NBA. In the case of Milutinov – elected by San Antonio Spurs in the 2015 draft (number 26) – the Tejano franchise seems determined to pull economic muscle to add centimeters in the area ..
A case similar to what happens with Poirier -not drafteado- who, in his case, have been closely following the Boston Celtics for months.

And you know that when a league franchise ‘pross’ crosses the road with its good millions is difficult for a player to say no.
Both with Poirier and with Milutinov, it will be – anyway – the player who will decide his future. Barça is there and the French center knows it.

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