They punish three Chelsea fans for racist chants to Salah

They could not access on Thursday the Eden Arena in Prague to attend the game against Slavia after being identified in a video through social networks
Chelsea fans could not access the Eden Arena in Prague on Thursday to attend the Europa League match that their team beat Slavia (0-1) after the London club identified them in a video posted on social networks in that appear singing a racist song towards Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian crack of Liverpool.

After this incident, Chelsea, who will visit the Liverpool leader in Anfield in Sunday’s Premier League match on Sunday, issued a statement on their website condemning any sample of discriminatory behavior.

Chelsea statement

“Chelsea FC finds all the samples of discriminatory behavior are abominable and where there is clear evidence that Chelsea subscribers or members are involved in such behavior, we will take the most forceful measures against them,” reads the statement. “Such individuals are an embarrassment to the vast majority of Chelsea supporters who will not tolerate them in their club.”

Liverpool statement

For its part, Liverpool also issued this statement: “The video circulating showing vile discriminatory chants directed at one of our players is dangerous. Already during this season we have seen disgusting discriminatory abuses in stadiums in England, Europe and around the world; The abuse was captured on devices and placed in the public domain. We have also witnessed numerous hate attacks on social networks. This behavior must be called for what it is: unadulterated fanaticism. “

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